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Hello GitHub Actions 2021

This is my first attempt of GitHub Actions in 2021. Thanks DEV for giving me such a great motivations (I love stickers!) to learn GitHub Actions as a potential alternative of CI/CD.

My Workflow

  • Goal : this action just says Hi to the user when a commit is made

  • My workflow to complete this project:

    • keep track of the development process via Git & GitHub
    • create a npm package
    • install @actions/core and @actions/github packages
    • add a index.js as the entry file with proper details included
    • add a action.yml to define the steps on GitHub Actions
    • create a new GitHub repo & commit the project to the repo
    • add ./github/workflows/main.yml with proper details included to test whether the action works
  • NOTE: we need to upload node_modules to the GitHub repo

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Link to Code

GitHub logo peterhychan / hey-github-actions

My first attempt on GitHub Actions


My first attempt on GitHub Actions

Additional Resources / Info

GitHub Actions Docs

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