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Will Quantum computing supersede Cloud computing?

In this Blog I'll be sharing my view on Quantum Computing superseding Cloud Computing.

Let's start of by understanding what Quantum and Cloud computing is -

Quantum computers use the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. In the case of classical computers the information is stored in the form of bits that can either be 0s or 1s but in a quantum computer, the basic unit of memory is a quantum bit or qubit.

Quantum computers have the unique ability to exist in more than one state simultaneously. So in situations where there are a large number of possible combinations, quantum computers can consider them simultaneously there by providing the output in a fraction of time.

Cloud computing is the delivery of online services (such as servers, databases, software) to users. With the help of cloud computing, storing data on local machines is not required. It helps you access data from a remote server. Moreover, it is also used to store and access data from anywhere across the world.

Will quantum computing supersede cloud computing?

As of now I think it's a NO, both quantum computing and cloud computing has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Quantum computing will be more relevant to certain businesses where highly complex algorithms need to be evaluated which in a normal computer would take days, weeks, months or even years.

Quantum computing is highly efficient in situations where there are a large number of possible combinations as it can consider them simultaneously. For Example in the financial sector quantum computing can perform deep analytics to new, faster trading possibilities. But these kinds of highly complex algorithms and high processing power will be used by only a fraction of businesses.

Not all organizations or technology based businesses require such high computational power for their application to operate, in that case a classical computer with specification optimized for their application would be more than sufficient.

The possibilities of Quantum Computing is immense and can benefit a lot of sectors, moreover more companies are investing on Quantum Computing(Amazon Braket, IBM, Sycamore), moreover a combination of quantum and classical computing can be also beneficial.

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Katerina Braide

great article. i think with time and the developing trends around the functionalities of quantum computing, it might.

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