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re: As a coder, I find design more challenging, as there never seems to be the "right" answer.

yup, I feel the same, it's normally easy to tell if a particular code produces the right result or not, but it's sometimes hard to say which design is good as it can be very opinion based - people have different tastes and preferences, what you see is great may look completely craps in others' eyes.
But again, there are some general good design principles which can/should be applied everywhere.


Of course of course. But what I mean is like having to pick between two different, but very close shades of gray, or whether to make the menu bar 110px or 120px high or something like that. I don't know how to use Photoshop, so I just make design things on chrome AS I'm developing a website. It's a pain in the ass. When I'm given a wireframe of a static page, I can breeze through it, but making my own is hard because of design

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