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Typescript Beginner: Start Here

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which compiles into JavaScript code. It's used to improve your code quality with OOP features and static typing. This transfers well into large-scale projects passing code between multiple team members. - Jaime Morrison

TypeScript has come to stay, the market demand is increasing and the community is amazing.

So you want to learn Typescript

Learning typescript is a good decision, if you are coming from the Javascript ecosystem, OOP, FP, Typed language or nowhere; you'd find Typescript really interesting.

In this post, I'll share some of the places where you can find educating content to help you learn faster.



This Course takes you from the very Basics and its most important Feature (Types!) to the point where you're able to use TypeScript in any of your Projects. ReactJS Projects included! - Maximilian Schwarzmüller

  • Typescript Masterclass - Created by the Angular University is aimed at giving you all the tools you need to create your own Typescript projects from start to finish - like a Pro.

  • Typescript: The Complete Developer Guide [2020] - Stephen Grider is all about the mastery, you'd find complex topics simplified and accessible. What's more, you have many projects to build and solidify your learning.

Composition vs Inheritance? You'll understand it. Build your own web framework? You'll do it. Typescript with React/Redux? It's here! - Stephen Grider

This course is currently selling at a discount. Grab it now

YouTube Playlist




Why do you use Typescript?

Typescript is powerful, sometimes is looks dirty, the tooling and setup may seem painful initially, but the challenges it addresses make it worth the effort. So why do you use Typescript in your code?

I'd really love to know... comment in the section below.

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