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How to start to code a PWA?

Hey guys,

I must code my first app. So I think PWA is interesting to get a cross plattform app for our company.

I need a connection to my mySQL database to store our data and when the user use the app offline data must stored local.

Is this possible with any plattform? Which is easy to use?

Thanks :)

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Desolo Sub Humus 🌎🌍 • Edited

I don't know about MySQL (can't say I've worked with it or even wanted to work with it), but I've just written a post on the disaster that is setting up a PWA that should also work offline and including a manifest.JSON file for that purpose.

In the end, I ditched the whole PWA bit of the process and released the thing as an uninstallable app with a desktop icon to be used for a desktop shortcut to the index.html page. It breaks use for mobile (although anyone is welcome to modify the app locally or send a pull request/issue if they know how to fix that), but at least it's not breaking desktop use, too.

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Is it easy to use with mysql or not ?