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Phong Duong
Phong Duong

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I like being lost

I like traveling without map because I am free to choose a way to go. There are many ways to the destination. I can also ask local residents for the way. It is interesting if I travel abroad. I communicate with people who don't speak the same language. If I am lucky, I can speak to whom speak English. Else, I have to use gestures to communicate with them. Fortunately, they understand and show me the correct way.

Sometimes I have to change my plan due to being lost. Although I don't get to the destination as I planned, I have a chance to visit new place. I learn about how people live and work and eat delicious food there. No matter where I go, I believe there is something new for me to learn and enjoy.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, everything doesn't happen as we planned. That's fine. We can be flexible and change our plans. We will have new targets. We will have something new to learn and enjoy.

Stay safe.

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I always get lost even with the map. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it's an opportunity of a life time.

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Phong Duong Author

Yeah, I know. That feeling is awesome