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Pierre Vannier
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A clubhouse events search engine

These last few days I decided to get back to coding (a bit) and eventually ended up with a #clubhouse search engine for events.

Here are the steps I followed.

First, I needed to access the "undocumented" and non public clubhouse API.
I give it a try with this repo:

Although written in python, I ported the few pieces (auth and access to event list) in typescript with axios.

I coded a daemon in nodeJS to fetch the events on a regular basis (with a throttle limit in order to not get banned from calling the API).
I then installed elasticsearch (actually hosted on elastic cloud) with Elastic builder (to be able to craft nice query)
This allow me to stored events on the cloud on elastic.

Deployment concerns, I had a lot of choices, I decided to give amazon elastic beanstalk a try (nothing to do with elastic search though). This is super easy to set up and deploy. (more information here:

And then, this is it. A simple express/node server deployed on Amazon Elastic beanstalk + elastic search.

Took me 3 full days (cause I'm a bit rusty).


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