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Building a community of expert Engineers // Flint

Pierre Vannier
Flint is a Tech consulting company with a focus on creating a unique, engaging Community of Tech People
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Hi Dev.To Community,

Just wanted to let you know I'm launching a new Tech Consulting company.

The idea is to focus on creating a unique and engaging Community of Tech people, around the World.
Humbly starting in Montpellier South of France and then growing to several dynamic Tech ecosystems (like London, Berlin, Amsterdam etc.) and also the USA.

As an ex software engineer, I tried -with the help and feedbacks from several junior and senior Tech/Software engineers- to list what engineers do really need in terms of :

  • belonging feeling
  • self-fulfillment
  • community and interactions with peers
  • constant learning
  • strong Values
  • etc.

Should you want to know more : Here's Flint website

Feedbacks warmly welcome, as well as Shares / Applause (no rotten πŸ… please πŸ˜€ ) / Recommendations / Noise / Fork πŸ€”

Founder and CEO, Flint

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Good read, merci Pierre.