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Andres Larrotta
Andres Larrotta

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Damm tech

I have been 3 months just finding and thinking about how to be happy, asked many people how are they happy? , and I can see that the things that feel them happy are the tiny things, go for karaoke to sing so loud, feel free and without chains do whatever that they want, but why are they happy?
But how this is connected with the tech?
it is true that our lives depend so much on our virtual life, how we are? how many likes we have, who are following us and who interacting with us, for me all this is important because I live in this century and I want to be informed about all, but I think that is affected me at this moment. so how we can find equilibrium about real life and virtual life?
I know, I have many questions and I want to find all answers but with time, for that reason, I will an experiment, I will try to uninstall all social networks, but how you can go without keeping connected for your family? or disconnected about your love?

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