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Checklist for a skilled Node.js developer

Outstanding developers have a comprehensive knowledge of Node.js development processes, software, and technologies. Here’s the list of the most required skills:

  • Complete understanding of Node.js and common resources for development (broccoli, npm, gulp, brunch, grunt, and others)
  • Understanding specific (Express, Solid Loop) frameworks and languages (HTML, CSS, Jade, EJS, etc.)
  • Database experience and MongoDB
  • Angular, jQuery, and PHP experience
  • Experience with CSS server-side (Stylus) preprocessors
  • Comprehension of asynchronous programming in depth
  • Semantic versioning, code versioning, databases, and data integration hands-on experience
  • Microservice architecture comprehension
  • Experience with the implementation of unit tests through automated platforms for testing

For being one of the best Node.js developers, you should practice all the things from the list below:

  1. Observe the structure of the project to keep the code clean and avoid errors
  2. Develop a new project using npm init to allow more metadata to be added
  3. To use process.env effectively, apply environment variable
  4. Try to avoid synchronous functions to prevent other codes from being blocked
  5. Utilize Gzip to minimize time lags
  6. Make deployment safer by using dockers
  7. Test Written Code
  8. Find problems by using a .catch() handler.
  9. Use and observing the current guidelines when coding.
  10. Know the best JavaScript practices

If you want to know more about Node.js developer hard skills, read our article. We also recommend you to check 5 best Node.js frameworks because they are crucial in some Node.js projects and make a great difference in product performance and code quality.

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Nice. But why NodeJS Dev should know PHP 🤔

nkrot profile image
  1. To introduce yourself to PHP libraries and tools. 2. To broaden your mind & experience. 3. To understand that nothing is a separate area and languages/tools/practices are connected. Hope this helps :)
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Sergio Turpín

I think she will refer to server side language ^_^