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PlanetScale is now GA

It has been an incredible six months since we released our product in beta. From the outset we focused on creating a platform that would delight developers, built on top of the only open source database proven at hyperscale, Vitess.

We believe databases should be powerful, easy to use, and have impeccable DX. This is why we chose to build our serverless platform so that developers can be productive without ever having to worry about scale.

With PlanetScale you can:

  • Instantly create dev and staging environments with database branching
  • Deploy features fast and safer with non-blocking schema changes
  • Scale out with built-in horizontal sharding
  • Handle traffic with unlimited connections and connection pooling
  • Analyze slow queries using our Query Stats tool

Our database platform is now GA and ready for your production workloads.

Get started with PlanetScale for free and check out the new features that will change how you work with databases. Also, we're happy to answer any questions you might have and if check out this post if you're interested in how we used PlanetScale to build PlanetScale.

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