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Prisma Data Platform's PlanetScale Integration

As developers, we often want to build faster, but that comes with tradeoffs that we have to deal with in the long run. At PlanetScale, we want to empower developers to be able to build without having to worry about issues of database scalability as their application grows. Similarly, Prisma wants to empower developers to efficiently work with data while making fewer errors.

PlanetScale and Prisma have partnered up to allow developers to create PlanetScale databases in the new Prisma Data Platform. You can have a starter database schema and a live PlanetScale database ready to accept thousands of new database connections with a few clicks.

The Prisma Data Platform provides you with application templates with Prisma data schemas, so you don't even have to think about a data model to get started. Once set up, you can deploy to Vercel immediately or use the Prisma Data Explorer and Query Builder to explore your PlanetScale database.

Try out creating your first PlanetScale database with one of the application templates and experience the power of Prisma with PlanetScale for yourself.

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