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CV based software development

I once worked at a project that had everything from micro services to jQuery, Kafka to Azure Functions, MVC to MongoDB, plus a bajillion other moving parts, and it struck me that the guy who had originally architected the project had architected it this way because he needed to fill holes in his CV, and not because the project needed most of the things he had added to it.

How many other people here have seen such projects?

I suggest it's time we stop looking at people's CVs as we hire developers, simply because it's not relevant. Whatever experience has been accumulated over the years is with 90% certainty added not because it was needed for the project, but rather because it was necessary for selfish reasons, where the architect needed to fill in holes in his CV, to ensure his or her own capability to secure his or her own future. If this observation is correct, this implies that the more tech the applicant has on his or her CV, the less likely he or she is to be capable of solving your business' needs. Literally, the less stuff on the person's CV, the better the candidate, simply because a great employee cares first and foremost about his employer's problems, regardless of whether or not he or she gets to use the "latest and most amazing tech" that's being bragged about "all over the place and asked for by companies looking for employees" ...

Really, the perfect CV should be as follows ...

I solve business requirements with IT (and sometimes) software development

Then the candidate should prove that he or she can solve your needs. Period!

I'll start; We're looking for developers. However, unless you can prove your willingness and ability to work with Hyperlambda I'm not even interested in knowing "how many years of Kafka and Mongo you've got". In fact, the less Kafka and Mongo, the less stuff I've got to prune out of you before you're productive ...

Thoughts ...?

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