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(Re)discover my passion for web development


I must admit I'm a little bit nervous. Even though I have about 10 years in Communications behind me and been a native online since the mid-90s (yes I'm old) – this is really the first time I'm writing a personal blog post.

How it all started

My passion for web development has always been there. I clearly remember the first time I save some HTML code in Notepad.exe and realized the connection to the webpage it created. That was the start of a journey of self-education in programming and web design.
Another vivid memory is me at the public library, printing loads of pages with instructions and code examples for Javascript to bring home and study offline 🤓📠

Present state

Fast forward 25 years and I have a Master of Arts in Teaching, I am employed as a Communications Officer at the university in my hometown and trying to squeeze in as much of the web as possible into my 9-to-5.
As I've just finished my first major assignment as a Web Project Manager I find myself thinking a lot about the future of my career: What's missing? What should I keep? How do I want to work? With whom?

The problem

A feeling has been growing on me. It was a bit evasive at first but I think I've managed to put my finger on it:

I have all this hands-on knowledge, about programming, how the web works, what's good design, how to build a website, when to use/not use a SaaS etc.
But I'm not really making use of that in my career. And I'm not sure anyone else really know this about me.

If that sounds a bit strange, yes it probably is. But to me, it also sounds a lot like me 🤷🏻

What to change

So, here is my plan:

  1. More code: Update my programming skills and knowledge of (modern) front-end technologies.
  2. More social: Tell others about my journey and share my work/passion/thoughts with others.

With this as my guiding stars, I hope to rediscover my passion for web development. And doing it in a different, more personal, way this time. Click Follow to tag along on the journey!

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