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The most suitable blockchain for Developers

No need for professional mining machines, no GPU cards, no stake coins.
For some basic computer knowledge, you only need to rent a cloud server ($5/month) , run a node to become a Nyzo verifier, and verify blocks to get block rewards. Decentralization, efficiency, and security are the most fundamental of Nyzo.

Nyzo is an open-source, highly decentralized, democratic, and highly efficient blockchain. The block time is seven seconds, and the system scales well to high transaction volumes. This is not like most of the new coins you see: this is not a derivative of another project, and it is not just a few new features or a slight design change from other projects. This is all-new code, built from the ground up to be the most efficient, most democratic, easiest-to-use cryptocurrency in the world.

How to set up a Nyzo verifierΒ
How the Nyzo network worksΒ

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Thorsten Hirsch

What's the goal of nyzo? Why does it exist?