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(Question) IDE for Nuxt.JS

pouya profile image Pouya ・1 min read

Hi, Is there Any "Free" IDE (Not Code Editor) To Develop FrontEnd (Nuxt.JS) that supports Framevuerk.(It is UI Framework based on Vue.js.)
(I am new to FrontEnd.)
I am Android Developer and in Android Studio there is tool for creating View with XML, I like something like that for web.
WebStorm is not free.
Also there is some IDE for backend, I want for Designing FrontEnd, something like drag-and-drop button to inside of page and ...

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Levi Rizki Saputra

You can use DreamWeaver for Drag and drop page designing. But dreamweaver is paid. Most of front end developer write code to design not drag and drop. Writing code give you flexibility than using drag and drop. Also most frontend developer use text editor like VS Code than using IDE. VS Code is using less resource than WebStorm or other IDE. You should learn HTML, CSS, CSS libraries and JS before you use Vue and Nuxt. If you do not understand HTML and CSS well you will strugling in frontend. Android development and frontend development is different.