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Everything About Hackathons-A place where your ideas become actions

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Why Hackathons?

  • Since Hackathons have time restrictions. You have to do the project within the given time and without procrastinating your work.
  • It will help you network with students from other colleges and know about them. Also, you can get guidance from many mentors and working Professionals during Hackathons. Hackathons will reveal the inner you, the talent in you. Since you will be choosing your idea from the given topics, you will be thinking out of the box creatively.
  • Another advantage is, you can enhance your skills in collaboration and Team making, as you work with others during the hackathon.
  • Some companies hire students through hackathons if they find your project creative.
  • Last but not least, if you make it into the final round it will be a good achievement in your resume/Portfolio as well as you will get rewards.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • When I attended my first hackathon recently, I observed a few things which I want you to know if you are a newbie to Hackathons. Choose a team that is willing to learn and do something. Because your team must not be quitting during the hack due to pressure. Be proficient in at least one tech stack. (ML, WEBDEV, ANDROID)
  • If you are a newbie, choose a small idea but a creative one that was not implemented before(something that is unique). Because there is time constraint choosing a complicated or big project may not give you output within time.
  • Brainstorm your ideas with your teammates, If you know the theme before itself and try to divide the work among your self and try to know the resources for your hack.

Some of the websites where hackathons are being conducted

2021 Season Schedule


MLH hosts many hackathons across the globe. They also collaborate with top-notch companies. And they organize webinars with working professionals. They also provide you necessary stuff that you can use during the hackathon. Like, free credits for deploying your website.


  1. Hacker earth organizes hackathons actively where you can get benefits like FTE and Intern opportunities too.


  1. Tech gig is another website where hackathons are conducted.


  1. Devfolio is another website where you can find hackathons. That’s it guys. Hope you liked the content. Start applying if you want to upskill.

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