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I have created a video series to help you deploy a Laravel application with PHP7 and Nginx

Hello, after a long time I had enough time to edit my recorded screencasts on deploying a laravel application. The corona time helped me, a lot of time is saved on getting ready for office, commuting, etc...

In this tutorial video series, I will show you how to deploy a laravel application with PHP7.4, if you are using any PHP7 version it should be fine as well. As of now, PHP7.4 is the latest version so I have used it as well.

For the demo purpose, I have used a fresh installation of laravel without any database connectivity, but once you have deployed application this should be fairly simple for you to do, given how easy to set up a managed database these days. But still, I have plans to show you how to install and configure databases in another video.

Below are the links to those videos, feel free to subscribe and post your doubts, comments and suggestions. also don't forget to subscribe if you find it useful.

Part 1 - Laravel Deployment in Depth - Provisioning Server and Installing Nginx

Part 1 Extra (for aws users): Provisioning server in AWS

Part 2: Creating a custom user to secure the server

Part 3: Installing PHP & Connect to a custom domain

Part 4: Deploying the application to the server

Github repo of the demo application

Top comments (2)

roelofjanelsinga profile image
Roelof Jan Elsinga • Edited on

You might want to fix your front matter at the top of your post. I think you removed --- before title and after cover_image.

I see in video 4 you use "sudo git clone" because your user doesn't have access to the www folder. Don't do this, just fix the permissions of the folder, so your current user can access them as well as www-data.

Then a few minutes later you're using "sudo PHP artisan key:generate". This is not be done either. You should be able to run basic commands as your current user without using sudo.

ppshobi profile image
Shobi • Edited on

Well, You are right, I should have added the user to the www-data group, But we do chown all the files back to www-data so I think it should be fine, sorry :) And thank you for pointing that out

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