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Announcing React-Chrono 2.0: Exciting New Features and Improvements

I'm thrilled to share with you all the launch of 🚀React-Chrono v2.0, which marks the most significant update since its initial release. React-Chrono is a versatile and adaptable timeline toolkit designed for React, enabling you to showcase events, stories, journeys, and other related content with ease.

In the latest release, there are several new enhancements and improvements that improve the usability and customization of the library. Let's explore the details.

✨ Revamped Timeline Cards

The timeline cards in React-Chrono 2.0 have undergone a complete overhaul based on user feedback and evolving design trends. The new timeline cards have been redesigned to improve readability and visual appeal, with enhancements to typography, spacing, and overall layout.


We have also added new features to the timeline cards, such as the ability to expand or minimize text with a single click. The new textOverlay mode enhances the look and feel of the cards by overlaying text on images or videos, making it easier to read and more visually appealing.

🌒Dark Mode

Dark mode has become increasingly popular, particularly in low-light environments. React-Chrono now includes this feature, allowing users to easily switch between light and dark modes depending on their preference.


🎨Theme Improvements

Users now have greater control over the look and feel of their timelines. With new theming options, such as custom background colors and fonts, and improved existing options, it's easier than ever to achieve the desired consistency and aesthetic.

The new theming options also make it easier to create a consistent design across multiple timelines, making it an ideal choice for designers or developers working on complex projects.

⚡New Text Overlay Mode

The new textOverlay mode is a game-changer for displaying media-rich timelines. With this new feature, users can overlay text on images or videos, making it easier to read and more visually appealing.


New options have been added to expand or minimize text, which enables users to read longer descriptions with ease or hide them when they are not necessary.

📺Improved Slideshow Function

The new version includes significant enhancements to the slideshow functionality. The progress bar has been further refined and improved to ensure greater accuracy and visual appeal, and additional slideshow types have been introduced to meet diverse needs.


The new slideshow types include autoplay, loop, and manual, making it easier to customize the slideshow experience to the user's preference.

🌿Nested Timelines

The most significant addition to library is the nested timelines feature. This new feature allows users to create nested timelines within the timeline cards, making it easier to display complex stories or journeys.


The nested timelines feature is fully data-driven, meaning that if a timeline item has an items collection or array inside, it will be automatically rendered as a nested timeline inside the timeline cards. This makes it easier to create complex timelines without having to manually code them. Checkout the getting started guide on how to build a basic timeline

Customize Timeline Points

One of the newest features is the ability to customize the shapes of timeline points. The timeline points are the circles that appear on the timeline to represent individual events or milestones.


By default, all timeline points in React-Chrono are circular. However, with the new timelinePointShape prop, you can now choose from three different shapes: circle (default), diamond, and square. This feature provides greater flexibility for creating timelines with unique styles and visualizations.


React-Chrono v2.0 represents a significant step forward in improving the user experience and accessibility for developers. To achieve this goal, i have rewritten and refactored certain aspects of the library to make it easier for contributors to get involved in the project and ensure better overall code quality.

Additionally, i've made significant improvements to our documentation site, including the addition of new examples and tutorials. These changes are aimed at helping developers get started with React-Chrono more easily and customize it to their specific needs.


React-Chrono v2.0 is a significant upgrade to the timeline library, offering several new features and improvements. With the redesigned timeline cards, new dark mode, improved theming, and new textOverlay mode, the library now offers a more user-friendly and customizable experience.

The addition of nested timelines makes it even more powerful and data-driven, making it an ideal choice for displaying complex stories or journeys. I hope you enjoy using React-Chrono 2.0 and look forward to your feedback.

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