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CYOMS - Craft Your Own Minecraft Server

CYOMS - Craft Your Own Minecraft Server

Download CYOMS v1.0.0 :

CYOMS (Craft Your Own Minecraft Server) is a desktop application which allows users to setup a minecraft server of any version easily.


CYOMS allows creation of Vanilla servers and will soon support Craft-bukkit and Spigot servers.

Preview 1

CYOMS allows configuration of basic server settings, by default it crafts the latest version of server on local IP address.

Preview 2


  1. Install using CYOMS_setup.exe file
  2. The installer will guide you upon the installation steps which are as follows:
    • Select the folder where you would like to install CYOMS Installation Step 1
    • Tick 'Create a desktop icon' if you want to create a desktop icon for the application. Then click Next Installation Step 2
    • Click Install
    • Wait till the installer finishes installing CYOMS Installation Step 3
    • After installation completes, you will be asked if you want to launch CYOMS Alt Text
  3. If you get the above screen you've successfully installed CYOMS

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