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Python Projects For Beginners

So, You have just finished learning Python and looking to get your hands on some easy yet interesting projects. Then this article is for you. In this article, I have listed some interesting projects that you might want to try. If you are confused about how to create the program you can refer to my GitHub profile and get some ideas given below each respective projects.

1. Mad Libs:

This program is actually quite easy to create. It is a program based on the traditional Mad Libs game. The user is asked by the program to input some words. The program then takes those words and inserts them into paragraphs that are predefined in the program. When the execution is finished, the program displays the recreated paragraph with some words replaced by the user-given phrases at random places.
You can make this more interesting by importing a CSV file that contains a number of paragraphs and code the program to select a random paragraph each time the program executes. OR you can even code your program to replace the word in random places by making use of the random module and string indexing.

2. Number Guessing:

As the name suggests, this program is quite easy to code. Let me explain this program structure simple way. Generate a random number, ask the user for a number, check if the number matches, and finally display the result.
But creating a program to do only this much seems quite boring, right? So to make this more interesting you can make this program a point and attempt-based program. Simply put, You are giving the user a certain amount of attempts to try and guess the number, If the user guesses the correct number he/she gets a point, and if the user guesses the incorrect number he/she gets a point deducted. You can also give the user hints like mathematical equations but adding this feature seems quite complicated for a beginner's program.

3. Email Slicer:

As the name states, this program slices the email address. Simply put, This program actually separates the part of the email address. For This program, we will ask the user to input an email address. Then we will take that email address and separate it at the '@' symbol. That's it! and we have successfully separated the email address and extracted the hostname and username from the given email address.
For example, say we have a dummy email address ( when we feed this email address into the program, the program will slice the email address at the ‘@’ symbol and display the Username as ABC and the domain name or hostname as

4. Rock, paper, and scissor:

We all are familiar with traditional rock, paper, and scissor game.
Simply put, You have to code your program to display one of these options when you input your option, Check who wins or if it is a draw and display the result. You can make this game more interesting by making it the best out of three or giving the user a prompt to have a rematch after the game ends.
You can make use of the random module to randomly generate a number and assign them to a single choice(rock, paper, or scissor). Then, Each time the program executes the computer will throw up a different choice. You will have to compare the choice given by the user and the computer to determine the results.

5. Dice rolling simulator:

This program is actually the easiest one among all the programs listed here. simulates the rolling of a dice. You just have to generate a random number between 1 to 6 (as on a standard dice) each time the program executes. With each execution, a random number is generated and displayed to the user. You can also ask if the user wants to roll the dice again without terminating the program.

6. Hangman:

This is probably the hardest one among the above 5 programs. It is quite similar to guessing the number program except for the user having to guess the letters. The user has to guess the letter in a word for the given number of blank spaces. Give the users a certain number of attempts, if the user guesses the correct letter then the user gets a point and vice-versa. Also when the guess is correct the program should print the result and ask for the next letter in the word. You can create your own wordlist and select a random word each time the program executes.

7. YouTube Video downloader:

It is one of the best projects for beginners to develop his/her skills in python programming. Everybody uses YouTube, there are many cases where we want to download some of those videos on our device permanently, but YouTube doesn’t provide those options to us. So, All you have to do is create your own YouTube video downloader. It may sound tedious, but with python, it is fairly easy to do so. To build this program you will need to install a third-party module named pytube which allows us to download YouTube videos. By implementing this module we can easily build our own YouTube video downloader.

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