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Best Dev Blogs on the Internet

Web design development is most of the bloggers are constantly developing. Every minute there are new ideas, trends, buzz, and modern designers are creating new things

In This post, I will share some top most blogs and freebies pages.

1. Smashing Magazine

2. Speckyboy

3. Design Shack

4. DesignModo

5. Superhero.js

6. Codepen Blog

7. CSS Author

8. Creative Bloq

9. Github Blog

10. Dzone

11. Pttrns

12. Webdesigner News

13. Oneextrapixel


15. Tuts+

16. Sidebar

17. Javascript Weekly

18. SitePoint

19. Pixelhint

20. Echo JS

These are the dev blogs and counting
If I have missed any blogs please comment below.

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