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Hi, I'm PratibhaKadiyavar

pratibhakadiyavar profile image PratibhaKadiyavar ・1 min read

I have been coding for 6 years(4 years as graduate student)

You can find me on GitHub as PratibhaKadiyavar

I live in Pune

I work for Persistent Systems

I mostly program in these languages: ansible,shell scripts,rundeck,jenkins

I am currently learning more about DevOps Technologies

Nice to meet you.

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Hi PratibhaKadiyavar,

Nice to meet you on here. i see we have a lot of interests alike. I am currently a Devops AWS cloud Engineer with TCS here in USA and im also currently enhancing my devops skills by learning some of the new tools and technologies. I love Ansible and would love to learn more and more about it. we should connect sometime and share knowledge if you don't mind.