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7 Programming Tips For Developers | Beginners

Praveena Thavarajah
IT(Software Engineering) | Undergraduate @SLIIT | FullStack Developer -Trainee(PHP, Laravel) | Blogger | Interested in ReactJS
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What should you consider when coding for a project?

  1. Code everyday.

                "Practice makes perfect."

Practicing coding day by day will eliminates the fear on coding. It helps to improve our coding skills, and build the confidence step by step. Do not get demotivated at the initial stages.

During the initial stages of coding it takes more time to implement a function, takes many days to solve an error. It is totally fine. Every developer faced the same issue at the beginning, therefore you are not the first person to face this problem, and get stressed. Everything will be ok when you start coding continuously.

When you once start coding, you identify the mistakes, and solve the problem by searching through internet. You try to resolve the errors by yourself. When the problem is not solved, you can get help from other developers or from colleagues.

There are many resources to get help through internet. The most popular one is Stack Overflow

Tip:1 How to use Stack Overflow?
more at given link...

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