What are some Browser plugins that you can't live without ?

Pritesh Usadadiya on February 22, 2019

We all need toolkit that makes our jobs a little bit easier. As a QE there are several chrome extensions that i use everyday that boosts my product... [Read Full]
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All browsers should come pre-installed with uBlock Origin.


I used to have a LOT of browser extensions but now I try to keep only to a few ones, currently on my Firefox:

  • uBlock Origin, for ad blocking
  • HTTPS Everywhere, the name says it all
  • FoxyProxy, for proxy switching (with automatic rules)
  • Bitwarden, my password manager
  • Text Contrast for Dark Themes, to fix input fields when using a dark GTK theme (Linux)

I used to have a LOT of browser extensions but now I try to keep only to a few ones

same here, i got rid of lots of extensions which i was using occasionally. Now i keep only few handful of them which i use everyday.


off topic, but how did you quote that?

Just go to new line and add > and your quote.

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Text Contrast for Dark Themes, to fix input fields when using a dark GTK theme (Linux)

is this with firefox or chrome?


Typically I'm using Chrome Canary for development and these are my must-have plugins I sync across all my accounts,


I should have mentioned JSONView in mine.

It makes working with REST APIs so much easier by presenting JSON in a more readable format.


I'm still surprised at Chrome's lack of decent JSON explorer tool.

Why would they want to avoid such a useful tool?

Probably because they know someone will make an extension. :D


A very good collection. Specially Funkify and Spectrum. they are definitely going into my accessibility testing toolkit.


Vue, Augury and React Dev Tools.

All three of those make debugging those frameworks soooo much easier.

And Vue is the best of them. It watches your $emit events, it keeps track of Vuex, it shows you your props and state. I love it.

Outside of web dev, I also use LastPass to keep my passwords managed. Though I'm finding Firefox and Chrome are quickly making it more redundant.


Generally Useful

ContextSearch web-ext

Select text and search from the context menu or a tiled popup using any of your installed search engines.

Drag-Select Link Text

Easily select the text in links. So damn useful when you need to copy and paste some text that is part of a link!


Mouse gestures to control the browser. Less moving hands between mouse and keyboard.

New Tab Override

New Tab Override brings back the ability to change the page which is shown when opening a new tab.

Textarea Cache

Automatically save the content in a text input field. Saves you having to retype it when a web-site barfs and the text would be otherwise lost.

Remove annoyances

I don't care about cookies

Get rid of annoying cookie warnings from almost all 'infected' websites!

Make Medium Readable Again

Improves the Medium reading experience, ruined by user engagement tactics.

Neat URL

Neat URL cleans URLs, removing parameters such as Google Analytics' utm parameters.


Click the toolbar button, and any element with 'position: fixed' is removed from the page. Clears up pages cluttered with frozen headers and share buttons. (For some reason, I usually have to click it twice for it to have an effect.)

A bit more specialist, but useful to some

Bookmark Tab Here

Adds context menu item 'Bookmark Tab Here' to Bookmarks Menus as an alternative bookmarking method.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

Seems to be the best of the add-ons to download video from youtube.

Feed Preview

Because RSS feeds are not dead.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

If you have multiple accounts on the same site, then this can really save you having to log out and log in again to switch accounts all the time.

Markdown Here

If you are a markdown aficionado this lets use write in markdown then click a button to toggle to formatted. Useful for web-based email (gmail, etc) and other sites like blogger or wordpress.

SiteDelta Watch

Regularly monitors a page for changes.

More developer specific

Empty Cache Button

Toolbar button to empty the browser cache.

Html Validator

HTML validation inside Firefox. The number of errors of a HTML page is seen on the form of an icon and details in a developer tools tab.

Open With

Quickly open current web page in another browser.


uBlock Origin

Repeat after me, it is not an 'ad blocker', it is a HTML firewall.

Bitwarden Passward Manager

The best password manager IMO.

Cookie AutoDelete

When a tab closes, any cookies not being used are automatically deleted. Whitelist the ones you trust while deleting the rest. (Note: It can generate strange behaviour on some sites, or pop-ups that normally only show once will repeat.)


Protects you against tracking through "free", centralized, content
delivery. It prevents a lot of requests from reaching networks like
Google Hosted Libraries, and serves local files to keep sites from

HTTPS Everywhere

Enables HTTPS encryption automatically on sites that are known to
support it, even when you type URLs or follow links that omit the https:

Privacy Badger

Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.

Others I haven't used by are on my list to try

HTTPS by default

Request websites over secure https by default from the location bar instead of insecure http.

Facebook Container

Prevent Facebook from tracking you around the web. The Facebook
Container extension for Firefox helps you take control and isolate your
web activity from Facebook.


Wow! that's a very long list Evan. going to need my Tea for this one.😄


uBlock Origin
React Developer Tools
ColorZilla - color picker from anywhere on the page
Grammarly - better spell and grammar checker
Inifinite dashboard - I use it to have only a nice image and nothing else on the new tab
LastPass - password manager
Appear.in screen sharing - for my service of choice to make video calls
GitHub SLOC - shows the number of lines in a repo, somehow, to me, it feels important :)
Toolkit for YNAB - youneedabudget.com is an amazing budget planning tool, this is an extension to make it even better
Evernote Clipper - not sure yet about this one


I have heard good things about youneedabudget.com. didn't know they had chrome plugin.


I think it's not theirs, it's an independent thing. It adds some nice UX tweaks to the webapp.


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yes it is. cool website with noble concept. Great work Milo


Thanks! It's hard work, we're currently having a bit of a rough patch (among others is surprisingly hard to get press/influencers). Little things like your comment are what keeps me going.



Funny, I have no development-oriented addon on Firefox! That's what I have:


great stuff. you are heavy on how you surf web. :)


I love Privacy Badger! I still have Greasemonkey installed, too.


Mine are:

1Password - password manager

Extensions Reloader - helps with extension development by allowing you to quickly update (reload) your unpacked extensions

jetzt - speed reader

Refined GitHub - improves GitHub's interface

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome - helps with website testing


are you using the extensions reloader url to automate the reloading?


Yep! Especially when the extension icons don't update after I enable/load an extension (which I think is unintended behavior), I just go to reload.extensions and everything works as intended!

well i mean are you tying it into a save trigger by your code editor or something? id like to set that up somehow.

  • LastPass - Password Management
  • uBlock Origin - Ad blocker
  • Pushbullet - Moving files/texting/notifications to and from my phone and all my computers (The Desktop App works much better than the extension)
  • Material Color Palette - A little self promo, but I use this extension daily to quickly access Material Design color codes.

Standard Adblock Plus and 1Password.

The last couple of months I added these 3 dev related extensions.

Refined GitHub

Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features


A browser extension that adds copy to clipboard buttons on every code block

JSON Viewer

The most beautiful and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter that your eyes have ever seen.

Btw these are all open source so you could always contribute improvements.


i am sold on JSON Viewer and CodeCopy. definitely gonna try.


The Grammarly plugin is rather nice because I'm not a native speaker.


I'm a native speaker and I use Grammarly all of the time! :D


CSS Reloader - reloads page stylesheets without reloading the page itself, highly useful especially when designing for SPAs or other instances where full reloads reset the application state.


I thought only Hugo can do that. this is very useful for designers.


I'm currently using the following extensions:-

Redux Dev Tools - React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools

axe - Accessibility testing in Chrome Developer Tools

VisBug - Open source browser design tools

Sizzy - Tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast


axe seems cool. how does it compare to WAVE ?


Haven't used WAVE, so can't give a comparison. All I can say is axe is really good.


I've made a Chrome extension and I can absolutely live without it, but wanted to share it anyways: RaterFox

It changes your boring new tab to a nice screen with a background of a popular movie, including some information and links to instantly watch a trailer. On scroll your screen turns into a simple and clean feed of the most popular movies, TV shows and games. See the average rating and know in an instant which movies, TV shows or video games are worth your time. Click the title to read a short summary and watch a trailer.

Some other Chome extensions I use a lot:


My most recent addition and current favorite is Dark Reader.

Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

I've gone through a few others like it, but this is the best I've found for what I'm looking for.


didn't know about Dark Reader. a useful addition 😃


Fake data can be a good addition in exploratory testing.


I work with a lot of tabs while reaearching multiple subjects. I use 2 extenstions for that:
Toby - to save tabs or sessions by name and reopen the interesting tab in the future.
The ability to save the whole window tabs as a folder is super cool.
Tab mem free- to crush tabs that are not used and clear the resources usage. Enables work on a lot of tabs on any computer.


i was looking for something like Toby. thanks for sharing Stas


Whatfont if my favourite! I use it to steal borrow design ideas. They say nothing is new on the face of the earth.

Also Alexa's seo thing. Helps me hunt related resources and note the reputation of a given website.


They say nothing is new on the face of the earth.

They are right Mike 😏


I like to keep it slim - ublock and adblocker on firefox and chrome, lastpass, and the only other plugin I use is one I made for running bookmarklets.
Basically everything else I need is a bookmarklet on a per-use-case basis.


(I guess it isn't really integral to work, but is really useful when you're trying to see something without ads flashing up in the way.)


yes, In general i am fine with ads, just not too much of it.

Yeah I agree. I keep ads unblocked on mobile too. (Partly because I just like using Chrome and not any 3rd party AdBlock browser, but also it gives some people some money for making a good website!)

For adblocking w/ Chrome you could use DNS66, if you're using Android.


There's a chrome extension which helps to store frequently used data like email, password, username, credit card number, cvv etc and access them to fill forms on any webpage on the internet. Since the data is encrypted and stored, there's no need to worry about other applications reading your data. The extension is very handy.



I have found Shodan and Wappalyzer really useful.


Wappalyzer is good tool to find few useful things websites are using under the hood.


Yes, of course it's not always 100% correct and you could guess it directly from the source code, but it's handy extension to have.


Refined GitHub. It adds so many features to GitHub, and they're so greatly implemented I almost forget sometimes that I have it.


Create Link (Chrome) - Allows you to create custom link formats. Very handy.


uBlock Origin and GNOME Shell Extension integration (when I'm using GNOME)


I can't live without Workona!
I have never been able to context switch faster between tasks!


My favorite is OneTab. It helps you to organize and save the tabs.


The dev tools that are built in to most browsers offer most of the features of the other extensions you suggest out-the-box.


Mine is only ublock origin now, I ditched every other extension I used.


Wappalyzer, to see what technologies the site is built on.
Grammarly and Dark Reader.

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