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Airtable to Codepen / Vue.js / AIT_fake_db

I built a working code to retrieve data from fake Airtable database with axios. You can see the code below perfectly working. No problem to retrieve data when is on the main table. Yet as you can assume some fields are connected to other tables (named in Airtable: parent child data or fields). Is the case in my table when you have the field "ORGANIZZAZIONE" (Organization) that is connected to another table having the organization datails as for example: NOME (Name) and TIPOLOGIA (Activity). As you can see in the code when I try to access to this data (ORGANIZZAZIONE) I have bad results. Probably I have to build an "axios.all" request but I can't find the right way.

The idea to append the data with another AIRTABLE'S API call to a child table it is OK (in code is in comment to JS file) ...but it is not working. So can you help me?

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