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Announcing a new podcast: Developer Side Quests

Something we've all done at one point or...hundreds, is creating a side project to learn something, play with new technologies, or to build something we just want to exist. The point of this new show is to talk about what we do to level up our development skillset outside of our day jobs. So that's where this new podcast comes in, to highlight those stories. I hope you'll give it a listen and tell your friends and other player characters out there.

In addition to that, I'm always looking for guests. If you have a side project you're just starting, half-way through, previously finished, or only thinking about, I would love to have you on the show. You can send a direct message on Twitter to @DevSideQuests, or an email to

Don't feel self-conscious if you think no one will care about what you've done. Everyone levels up from somewhere. And everyone learns differently. So your perspective is unique to you and I want to tell other people about it.

I'm still trying to get all this pushed out to all podcast apps, but the big ones are already there with links on the site,

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Joe Zack

I keep looking for this show in Pocketcasts, no luck. I do see it in Apple though, so I'll keep a look out for it!

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Al Rodriguez

That's my fault. I'm working to get that fixed soon. In the meantime, this link might help. Let me know if it does/doesn't.