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Which OS is best for you 'actually Me'

As it all comes to using personal Operating System, someone says windows is better and someone says linux so mac is still here. But sometimes its all about your development requirements, money, and always theming the OS like pro developer [#acker is here].

Conflict between hardware requirements

Mac is always comes with required hardware =>You are Awesome<=
Windows almost which comes with preinstalled hardware when bought laptop, or a windows pc
Linux some laptops like dell sells ubuntu preinstalled and optimized laptops. But when we install linux as of self, the main problems is of wifi drivers that are not in repo

Next post will be released later
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Jason C. McDonald

I very seldom have hardware issues while installing Ubuntu (Linux) on most laptops. Dell, HP, and Acer are generally quite good with it. Older Lenovos work well with Linux as well, although YMMV with some newer Lenovo models. Asus can also be a crapshoot, although it usually works out fine.

In the off chance you get the issue with the Realtek drivers, it's actually not hard to build and install those from source. There are quite a few guides for different cards.