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5 Step Process To Create Selenium Framework from Scratch

In this video, We are starting our Selenium Framework using Java, We are going to create own custom Selenium Framework from scratch with our 5-Step process.

✅ 5-Step process to Create Selenium Automation Framework

  1. Build Management
  2. Configuration Management
  3. Add Logs for Framework.
  4. Reporting to Framework.
  5. Page Object Model, Test, Utils

✅ Download Notes in PDF -
✅ Download Source Code -

✅ What is Selenium?
Selenium is the biggest open source automation testing suite that has been making testing seamless. It is widely used for testing among the bigwigs like Google, Netflix, Fitbit, etc. to the emerging startups such as likewise.

✅ What is Selenium Framework?
Selenium Framework is a code structure that helps to make code maintenance easy

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✅ Cypress Tutorial with LIVE Projects -

✅ 30 Days of API Testing Challenge -

✅ 30 Days of Automation Testing Challenge -

✅ 30 Days of Rest Assured(with Framework) -

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Atul Rajguru

Hi Pramod,
the following link looks invalid
"Download Notes in PDF -"

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