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Season of Docs, Meeting-8

prubhtej profile image Prubhtej Singh ・1 min read

On 14th of October, I had a meeting with my mentors with regards to Google's Season Of Docs project. The mentors had assigned the following tasks:-

  1. Removing redundancy in the installation section.
  2. Change the heading "With Explorer" to "With SBOLExplorer"
  3. Unify all installation instructions under the General Section even for different OS's.
  4. Just give the link to Docker and Point them to install Git on their OS.
  5. Replace the navigation step with this statement "Navigate to the directory where you want to install SynBioHub"
  6. Try not to merge commands with the sentences
  7. Change the Ordering, use no's only.
  8. Take out "With Developmental SynBioHub"
  9. Link to the plugins table.
  10. Remove NGINX Config.
  11. Resolving the issue on the Sub-section bar on the Right Hand side of the Plugins page.

I was able to complete almost all the assigned tasks, without any issues except one i.e, "Resolving the issue on the Sub-section bar on the Right Hand side of the Plugins page".

I have opened up an Issue on ACE-documentation's github page with regards to this problem, since it is an unusual one, but still minor. I haven't received any significant response from their side, and I hope to resolve this issue by the end of this week.

I hope to have a more fruitful discussion, about taking this project forward in the upcoming meeting i.e on the 21st of October.


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