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K Muni Prudhvi
K Muni Prudhvi

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Experience on Let's Growmore internship

I'm thrilled to share my experience about the Let's Growmore internship. It was really great to be part of this internship. During this process i paid attention to many things and also I explored new frameworks which are being used to create websites.
And also the way they have created the tasks is simply awesome.
Here all the tasks what I've executed.
Task 1:
I've designed a simple webpage using Techologies like Html, Css, Bootstrap, Javascript.
Task 2:
I've created a small react based application using react.js.It basically fetches the Api and displays the information in terms of Grid Cards.
I really enjoyed while doing tasks. If you are looking for Internship I strongly recommend you Internship at Let's Growmore.

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