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Learn almost anything by making projects productively

I am a person who cannot learn anything without actually using it, just reading about something just flat-out bores me. If you are someone who likes learning by doing then I hope this post helps you out in your next journey of learning.

Some Basic Rules

lets set some basic rules for ourselves so that we do things properly

  1. Set simple goals: The death of many projects is being way too ambitious. Don't let this turn into an actual product the only outcome that should be expected is experience and knowledge

  2. Scale up your goals Gradually: Learning to write code in a programming language is one thing but learning to write good code is something else. It can only be done when your project has stood the test of time and modification. Let's discuss it with my philosophy

My Philosophy

Whenever a beginner asks me "how should I learn Xyz language/framework" or it is me asking myself. I say, in case it's a Backend Library/Framework, then make a simple URL shortener.

" but that's such a vanilla project"

yes, it is but at the same time, it can teach you a lot. For example, you want to learn Nest.js you make a basic rest API with a DB of your choice.

Short, concise, and sweet!

You learn the basic ins and outs of what you are dealing with.
Then we add functionality to it. What if we want to have users and they can access their shortened link from anywhere they want then? now we have what we can say as the 1st hurdle for our codebase! addition of features did you write code that's easy to be enhanced? or is it spaghetti code that needs to be re-written we learn how to structure our code better as in development there is never a FINAL product, new features can always be added.

Then we add more things to it like adding analytics seeing the number of hits, the Geography of users accessing it, etc, we can further go in increasing the features. Until you have a good grasp on what you are gonna learn with that you also have a fairly complex project to show off with a codebase that has been written in a really good way.


Well, this is how I like to do things, start simple and build it up from there. This is my first post here, hope you like it! I am all ears for feedback

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