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Pusher is hiring a Visual Interactive Designer

About Us

Why Pusher?
There are more than 20 million developers in the world with millions of soon-to-be developers currently in colleges, universities, coding bootcamps, or teaching themselves how to code via online courses and tutorials. This is your potential audience 🌍 .

We believe that in the next ten years, every company will become a software company, and developers will need great tools to be productive and do their jobs. Pusher acts as a force multiplier to help people build more products and features with less code.

About The Opportunity

At Pusher, we understand the importance of good design, and using it to make our products more fun to explore, and much easier to use 🙌 . From our marketing site to our product dashboards (and everything in between), you’ll work with cross-functional teams to craft the visual story of Pusher to over 200,000 developers both on and off the web.

You’ll sit in one of our autonomous, cross-functional marketing squads that encompass design, engineering, growth, and data science. There, you’ll help research, design, and develop ideas that help us to connect with our growing audience and turn them into long-term, happy users of our products . You’ll sweat the design and technical details to make things beautiful, simple, and fast.

Skill & Qualifications


As part of a marketing squad, you’ll have broad reach through designing thoughtful, delightful experiences for our visitors and customers. You’ll work on anything from high-impact marketing pages to experimental projects that engage our community.

Example tasks:

Designing and building new projects such as Sessions
Revamping our marketing website and blog
Designing impactful creative for web, email, and events
Designing the new versions of our fan favourite t-shirts
Contributing to our UI component libraries and style guides.

Is this you?

1-3 years creating visual design work and helping to build web experiences
Portfolio featuring a variety of digital design solutions across different mediums
A strong grasp of layout, colour, and typography on and off the web
Awareness of current design trends and how to use them effectively in your work
Experience with design tools such as Sketch, Figma, or similar alternatives
Understanding of web technologies such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript - experience a plus

How To Apply

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

Top comments (2)

plurson profile image
Plur Son

HI just wanted to see if this is a remote only position? Best,

missismada profile image
Madalina Grigorie

Hi Tommy,

I believe the position has now been filled. It wasn't a remote position. However check out to see the newest jobs we advertise.