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Pawan Chaurasia
Pawan Chaurasia

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How you or you company have implemented CICD.

I work in a startup of 5. All of them having the development experience either front-end or backend. No devOps Expert.
We are thinking of implementing the CICD process. I have read the
theories about it. And want to know the practicality of it how it helped or didn't worked at all for you.

I am really interested in knowing how you or your company have implemented it or do you even follow this and what is the role of manual testing it.

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Jair Avilés

In my case, I had experience in either startups and 500 fortune companies where DevOps is implemented to some extent. One fact I want to stress on is that definitely, it helped when CD/CI process are well understood and implemented in a proper way.

It would depend on your needs of growing in terms of delivering your software working good and able to maintain in the long term. That's why the reason for CI/CD aligned to Agile Manifesto. There are plenty of options in the market you may evaluate and choose according to what it would fit to your organization.