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I Made a Discord Server!

I am a developer from India. I use Python to develop my software/tools. I make software/tools - ranging from mini CLI-full GUI. I think these tools help in making life easier. Love Web dev. as well.
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Welcome Back and Sorry

Sorry, again for not being active I was busy setting up this server and lot of other personal stuff and projects. Anyways let me tell you about the purpose of this post, even though you have already read the title!

I thought we could have some fun! And be social!

So, I have made a discord server for all of you to join! link is below! You can chat there with bots and all that stuff. The server focuses on Coding, Python, JS, Webdev, And many more programming languages. You can get help and chat! This is a super short post, I know. This was just to inform you about this!

Bye, Hope to see you there!

Hope you join and that's all for this post! Byeeeeeee!

Link to Join -

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