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Announcing Keynote Speaker for PyCon India 2020 - James Powell

We are happy to announce James Powell as a Keynote Speaker for PyCon India 2020!

James Powell is a professional Python programmer and enthusiast. He started working with Python in the finance industry building reporting and analysis systems for prop trading front offices. He currently works as a consultant building data engineering and scientific computing platforms for a wide-range of clients using cutting-edge open source tools like Python and React. He also offers a variety of corporate training courses and coaching sessions in all areas of Python.

In his spare time, he serves on the board of NumFOCUS as co-Chairman and Vice President. NumFOCUS is the 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports all the major tools in the Python data analysis ecosystem (incl. pandas, numpy, jupyter, matplotlib, and others.) At NumFOCUS, he helps build global open source communities for data scientists, data engineers, and business analysis. He helps NumFOCUS run the PyData conference series and has sat on speaker selection and organizing committees for over two dozen conferences. James is also a prolific speaker: since 2013, he has given over seventy conference talks at over fifty Python events worldwide.

You can find him on Twitter @dontusethiscode.

James Powell

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