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PyJamas Conf
PyJamas Conf

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Announcing Pyjamas Conf!

It is with a lot of excitement that we announce Pyjamas 2020 (2nd edition), this time worldwide!

Before COVID-19 struck us all with lockdown-news, the idea to host an online conference with tracks with speakers from all over the world on a 24 hours-format was already consolidated. Pyjamas came from the need to bring more diversity in all fronts to the Python conference-world. The organizing committee is a joined effort of multiple nationalities, volunteering their not so free time to make it all happen.

When is it going to happen?

December 5th, everywhere on Earth (we will be running for 24 hours so it may be 4th or 6th for you at some time).

Why PyJamas? - you may ask.

Rule number 1 of Pyjamas is “One shall present your talk wearing pyjamas”. The event is a 24 hours world-wide Python conference with 2 tracks hosting diverse speakers, where everyone will be wearing jammies (no matter what does it mean for you).Do you get it? Python + pyjamas = Pyjamas. I know… mind-blowing!

mind blown gif

As general rules go, have a look at our Code of Conduct.

The conference will have 2 tracks:

  • Main Conference: 24 hours streaming of talks, with diverse speakers from all over the world.

  • Community Track: these are open space for communities to apply. They can run workshops, organize mentored sprints for minorities, lightning talks (or slide-decks karaoke?) sessions or have a 1st-time speakers-track/ non-English speaking track. The sky is the limit.


Pyjamas Conf aims to include the community around the world that is not necessarily able to join physical conferences around the world due to many reasons. We are a free conference where anyone can join either to attend, volunteer and/or advocate for Python. We will broadcast the tracks on our YouTube channels for 24 hours. Everyone can join anytime, anywhere (and in their pyjamas).

pyjamas gif


We all know that the Python community is very open and nice to people, especially beginners. Based on principles of “on mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement” the Python community wants to be even more inclusive and diverse.For that reason, we decided to push the diversity focus on our event. We encourage people to get involved, joining the organizing/ volunteer team no matter which part of the world you are in, no matter if you are new to Python or a senior dev.

Join the team

Call for Proposals

Be part of Pyjamas! The call for proposals will open soon. We would love to see your submissions. If you are interested in reviewing proposals, please get in touch.

See the Call for Proposals

So there you go, Pyjamas 2020! All that, from the softness of your jammies and the comfiness of your sofa to the rest of the world.

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