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PyLadies Dublin June 2020 Virtual Meetup Video && PyLadies in general

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Last night I found the "Upload Video" in my dev.to dashboard. 🙌 I used the Liquid tags to include the Vimeo video in a previous post because I was pretty sure the upload video button was not available before as I searched high and low in my dashboard.

I was curious what it would look like with a video that was uploaded to dev.to.

Quick dets about the June meetup
Apologies for duplicate posts, I'm still trying things out. 😅


I also created the PyLadies Dublin Organisation. If anyone PyLadies members wants to join, let me know. I created a separate account (pyLadiesdub_vicky) as a proposal (possibly) to manage the PyLadies insert other chapter dev.to organisations, in a hope that there might be interest in pulling various chapters to post their dev articles while the main pyladies.com is the hub for all things PyLadies (they have a blog there too).

They also track their various Global PyLadies projects on https://github.com/pyladies.

They also have a very active slack group which you can join, get involved, chat, ask questions, and find awesome Python/PyLadies resources - https://slackin.pyladies.com/ (I certainly find it invaluable as a PyLadies organiser).

They are pretty busy at the moment, and they are adding a bit more structure to PyLadies (global) organisation:-

And if you are interested in getting involved in the global team, as a starter, I do recommend heading over to slack and joining in the fun! 😊

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whykay 👩🏻‍💻🐈🏳️‍🌈 (she/her)


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PyLadies Dublin

We are the Dublin chapter of PyLadies, a not-for-profit group organising monthly meetups for the local Irish community. We are a diversity-friendly group, and all are welcome to participate at our events.


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