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Why I don't use PyCharm as my python editor.

12 year old self-taught developer.
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I use python as my main language, and PyCharm is a very popular python editor. But I don't use PyCharm, as my python editor. I use VsCode for my main editor. I have tired PyCharm time and time again. But always found myself going back to VsCode.

Why use PyCharm

  • PyCharm was built for python developers in mind.
  • Better debugging tools for python.
  • It has many in-built features for python.
  • Has in-built autocomplete.

Why I don't use PyCharm

  • I use multiple languages such as JavaSciprt or Golang or Rust and many more with Python. PyCharm does not fully support other programming languages.

  • VsCode has a larger community as all developers can use VsCode be it Full Stack, Application Developers, ML/AI Developers, Front End developers, etc. Can all use VsCode. Which is why you can search up any query and you are most likely to get an answer for you question.

  • In VsCode you get features such as an in-built Jupyter notebook which you can't get in PyCharm without a paid licences.

  • VSCode has a bigger library of plugins. I have used many different plugins which have really helped me write code faster. PyCharm does not have a huge library of plugins like VsCode. There might be some alternatives to the ones that I use on VsCode.

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I mainly use PyCharm because it's easier and faster to do things in Pycharm. I have PyCharm pro because I am a student so I just use it.

I only use PyCharm for pure Python project. Most of the time I use VSCode for everything else except Java.

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pypdeveloper Author

I think that the pro version could address some of the issues but I fail to see the point in paying full price. When there is a free alternative.

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Yeah, I would not use PyCharm Pro without my student license. I don't even work on enormous project right now. If someone attempts to hire me to work on that scale at this point, they gonna have a bad time.

Maybe it's better for enormous project. PyCharm Pro has lots of tools integrated. It might be useful for some people who are willing to pay for it.