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Low Code Approach To Design Highly Effective UIs

What is low code?

Low code is an approach used for software development that requires almost no coding. It includes building interfaces/UIs using simple drag and drop and then doing minor customization to finalize everything. Low code approach helps people with no extensive coding knowledge to build different multipurpose applications. The logic is simple and the UI is accurate; appropriately, it offers the opportunity to customize many parts with code, but the idea is that most work can be done without wasting time writing custom code.

These are the things you should keep in mind for designing high effective UIs using a low code approach.

Suitable platforms

In order to fit your requirements, you should always do your research and look for suitable platforms to get the components, and see what suits you best. For example, if you need your UI to be React supportive, you should head to a platform that has pre-made components that support react. Some popular platforms include:

Contains powerful tools, templates, connectors all in a single platform, and helps you create any kind of application very easily.

Envato elements
Provides you with a comprehensive library of UI Kits to create websites and mobile interfaces. And contains ready to use graphic, web, and video assets.

Provides you with 250+ free and 1500+ paid UI components to seamlessly create mobile and web interfaces. All the components are fully responsive and drop-in ready to save you a ton of time.

Contains plenty of interactive UI components to design hi-fi prototypes and wireframes of your project.

And if you want to avoid the hassle of shifting tabs to copy the code of one component after the other, you can do that with the blox extension on VS Code that allows you to access various UI Kits and components without leaving VS Code.

Right Colors

One thing that stands out in your UI design is the color scheme you are using. Users tend to avoid web applications or sites with bad color schemes. While you are depending on drag and drop for building the UI. You should be mindful of what are the requirements and have clarity while approaching the design.

Consistent Designs

Having a consistent design is extremely important for an effective UI Design. It increases learnability. A beautiful UI design comes from creating a sense of familiarity and ensuring that everything on the screen makes sense and works in ways that the user expects it to work. UI designers achieve this by using component usage, functional architecture information, and a structured look and feel of product marketing throughout. Structuring your component in a consistent manner is the key.

Using the Right Language

To help users navigate easily in the social networks we create, we need to make sure everything is written in ways that help them move freely and confidently from one object to another.

Consistency is key here. “Add” and “Create,” for example, may seem to change. But if your device constantly uses "add", users may fail to understand the action required when using "create." As a UI designer, you can take the lead in developing the language and vocabulary you want to use in every product. Just make sure you stick to your decisions and stick to the rules you and your team choose to label things with the same function.


While the Less Code approach helps a great deal, one should have a basic knowledge of this art in order to achieve great results. Totally depending on an outside source may cause serious damage. The only way to approach low code for designing high effective UIs is the wise way.

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