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Explain JMeter! 1.0

Explain JMeter

A simple utility for JMeter commands.

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Apache JMeter is an open source performance testing tool which is widely used among developers, performance testers, and in DevOps.

CLI mode is the recommended mode for load testing in JMeter. It is not possible to remember all the commands.

Explain JMeter! helps to educate the commands for a successful load testing.

Link to Source Code

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🛠 Utility to explain JMeter commands.

Explain JMeter!

Explain JMeter

Explain JMeter is a simple utility to explain JMeter commands.

E.g. -?,-n, or -t.

Written in Python and Flask.

Designed for DO Hackathon at


Here is how it got started.

Why this tool?

Why not? :)

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Being a performance engineer, I do not have development experience. It is apt to develop a utility for performance engineers. I am learning Python and Flask. DO Hackathon motivate me to develop a small tool.

How I built it

This utility written in Python, Flask, and HTML. DO App platform helped me to gain knowledge how the app is deployed into production. I never worked in production environment, I executed performance tests in production. But I never got a chance to work as DevOps or Developer in my career.

To show all the commands and its description, I created a JSON file. Using Python and Flask, it fetches the relevant command and its description using the HTTP method.

I learned about Waitress server, build and run commands, Flask, CSS, and Jinja during this development.

Additional Resources/Info

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