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Software Testing/ SQA as career

Everyone Can´t Be a Software Tester
Testers are mostly creative people that look at the world from a different perspectives, they get into the user role and create different scenarios.

People outside the QA department think and even believe that anyone can test software and testing is not a creative job. However, testers know very well that this is a myth. Thinking alternative scenarios, try to crash a software with the intent to explore potential bugs is not possible for the person who developed it.

The current pandemic changed the world, many people lost their jobs and want to learn a new profession. Some of them decided to get into IT, as it’s one of the most promising industries. The false conviction that it’s easy to become a software tester kinda flouts this profession. All jobs look easy from the outside, but once you get on the train you will see that it’s more than just pressing buttons.

Testers are among the most creative people in IT, they have a massive influence on the whole development process because they see what others don’t. It’s not so easy to look at one thing from different perspectives, if you get to test an app you can’t follow the “ideal” user journey. They are the ones that create new scenarios, they fully commit to providing the most value for the client, and they are the unsung heroes of every project.

It is a common perception that testing is just clicking on UI randomly and tracking details in excel or other documents. The reality is that testers perform very well-defined test steps to assure that the UI/APP is working in exceptional cases as well. So, it is the vision that counts.
Since a user does not have boundaries on what they can and cannot do, the same goes for testers. This is why it is important to explore the UI, which might look like lots of random clicks.

Only we testers know that there is a method to this madness.

Testing is happiness. Be Proud to be a Tester. Cheers to Testing Community!

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