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Experience on Contributing to a Github Project

This week is mainly about how to contribute to other's project on Github. Also, as a project maintainer, how to maintain your project properly.

To make a contribution another project, first of all, I need to fork the project repository and clone the fork to my local machine. I need to make sure it is the origin remote and create a new branch for this project. Then start to navigate the code and try to understand the logic of the code. I will make changes to this project in my local repository. After all these steps above is completed, the next step is to commit my changes. Using git push origin BRANCH_NAME to push my changes to this "BRANCH_NAME" of the "origin". Last but not least, I can create a pull request and the start to communicate with the project maintainer.

In this week, I brought up an issue to RomanStaticSG, and created a pull request for this issue.

The feature I added for this project is the support of heading level one parsing of markdown file. During this whole process, I practiced more on the Github issue, and Github pull request from the point of view of both the project maintainer and a project contributor.

No matter which role I am playing at, the communication between both sides is pretty important. For next contribution, I think I would focus a little bit more on the communication side. A good communication would help a lot on boosting the team work efficiency during software development.

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