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What to code?

I'm looking for something fresh, new, and exciting. Maybe not too complex, like a COVID-19 Dashboard. All ideas welcome!

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Gil Fewster

The world is your oyster! A few questions that might help us offer some useful suggestions:

What sort of coding do you enjoy? Do you like building rich, sophisticated user interfaces? Do you get a kick from crafting beautiful animation? Are you into analysis and visualisation? Do you like to create experimental art pieces and explore new technologies? Do you want to build something that other people will find value in, or are you primarily building for your own enjoyment and satisfaction?

Is this a project to develop a particular set of skills/learn something new?

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Jaden Concord

You should make a site where people can submit ideas to code that would be cool

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Sagar Bhattacharya

Nice idea , as we have various sites where we can get project ideas and there are multiple github repos related to specific frameworks , but we can have a site where people paste daily task problem and people convert them into coding project concept , but finding contributors is the most difficult task which similar platforms have faced

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QLabs • Edited

Yeah, there's actually one -, but it has some ideas which are too advanced, but you can go look at it if you want.

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Mitch Pomery (he/him)

I've recently made a single visualization for a single piece of COVID-19 data that I care about. What you personally will find new and exciting and at the right complexity isn't something anyone else can answer.

One technique I've seen and used for making things is:

  • Come up with 100 different ideas (no idea is stupid)
  • Pick 10-20 and flesh them out a little more (what does it look like, don't start working on it)
  • Of those, pick 3-5 to try and do. Swap between them whenever you get stuck.
  • Eventually, you'll have one that you like working on to see through to completion.
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Thanks! This really helped!