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DuckDuckGo !Bang + Siri = ?

Last two months struggle

Last two months I have been working on creating Chrome extensions to enhance search functionality on various sites. While the extensions solved the problems they were designed for, they did not provide enough value gain for the user. The number of downloads were far from what my goal was, but the engagement from the marketing activities were huge! That must mean that the execution was wrong.

A new approach

So, I decided to take my work to the next step by taking into account all the feedback I have received. I am making an assistant like "Siri" but for the browser. Instead of retrieving the results, page navigation is performed, like DuckDuckGo !Bang.

Today is the day of release of!

The functionality

Here are some 'cool' things you can search!

  • github invert binary tree creation date from one year ago c++
  • subreddit wallstreetbets search gamma sort by hot
  • tweets from elonmusk about bitcoin between 2011-01-10 and one year ago
  • 10-k AAPL file date from 6 months ago
  • facebook marketplace price < 100 search microwave condition new
  • ebay charity bids > 0 and bids < 100 search Bob Ross

There are currently 11 sites 'indexed' in the search engine.
Alt Text

Better execution

To address the concern that the search engine is too hard to use, I spent a lot of time improving the suggestions/autocomplete. The current solution gives you a lot of help when you are not sure what you can't do. Let’s say you want to search on Ebay. What you do now is that you write "Ebay '' and then you can use the suggestions to guide you.

Alt Text

Why not just use Google

  • Speed. It is faster, for example reaching a subreddit on Reddit: "subreddit stocks"
  • Privacy. No private data is collected.
  • More functionality (try searching on the examples above on Google)

Thank you for reading

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