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Quasar Brand Refresh and New Partnership

Hi everyone,

As part of our journey to improve Quasar with each passing day, we're proud to announce a new partnership with Dreamonkey (who is also an important sponsor of our framework).

The Dreamonkey Team will be helping us with the next steps in the evolution of Quasar and in particular refreshing its brand and supporting content, which in turn will help everyone better understand what Quasar is, how it works, and how it can benefit you and the company you work for.

Getting everyone to this understanding is not an easy task, as Quasar is not the everyday, run-of-the-mill Vue framework that you often come across. Nope. Quasar not only entails an extensive set of performance-oriented components and directives (the Quasar UI library). It also supplies a massive build architecture (with the Quasar CLI), which will get you and your ideas up and running and building apps in record time. The CLI starts with an awesome development experience and ends with deployment builds for practically any platform (i.e. SPA/SSR - PWA/SSR - Hybrid Mobile with Cordova or Capacitor - Desktop with Electron - and even BEX - Browser Extensions).

We've had this (successful) approach for a few years and we can ensure that all of the parts work together flawlessly and with incredible performance, yet final builds with all of the best practices in modern web development built-in and with the smallest possible package footprint. All of our efforts with the CLI allows you to focus on the functionality of your products, instead of the often complex marriage and compatibility of the underlying technologies.

Quasar has partnered with Dreamonkey in our endeavor to better express why Quasar is one of the best alternatives to frontend application development out there, along with expressing what our core values and principles are.

Aside from the great cooperation we have with Dreamonkey, we also have a progressive rollout schedule in place. So stay tuned for lots of exciting new things in the coming weeks. We'll start with an improved logo and brand guide and work our way up to significant improvements to the Quasar docs website, which will help developers learn to use ALL of Quasar's exceptional value.

You can read more about how Dreamonkey designed the new logo and more brand-related insights by reading their press release article.

We have more exciting announcements to make for this quarter. Along with the brand updates, we have some interesting times ahead for Quasar and we'd love to take you all with us on our incredible journey to make Quasar the best frontend application framework ever. ;)

Razvan Stoenescu, creator and team lead of Quasar Framework

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Jeff Galbraith


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Great news! Well done everyone!

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Crazy excited for this. This framework is insane, and continues to blow my mind 🤯

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Adam Purdy

Bravo. This is awesome. Love the rebranding.

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Great news!

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Khashayar Shomali
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Emanuele Bertoldi

Great restyling by the guys of Dreamonkey! Long life to Quasar!

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Ramsés Moreno

Very happy to see Quasar growing!

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Matheus Felipe

Awesome news! I'm so proud of you guys!

Keep it up! <3

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