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It's Back! QuasarConf 2022 - Call for Proposals

We are happy to announce the comeback of our yearly online conference about all things Quasar Framework and Vue. We had success with our first ever conference and we'd like to continue with what we intend to be a tradition.

When will it be?

Saturday the 9th of July, 2022 - 3 p.m. GMT

Would you like to do a talk?

We are looking for devs in the community, who would like to present their knowledge about anything related to Quasar and/or Vue.

Your talk should go for 20 minutes max. We'll also be offering the viewers the ability to ask questions in the chat, so after the talk, we'll have a 5 minute Q&A with the speaker.

If you are interested, please sign up by filling out our Call for Proposals form.

There is a limited number of available spaces for talks.
Deadline for proposal acceptance is the 9th of June, 2022.

What to expect?

At our last (and first) conference 2 years ago, we had over 700 live viewers and the video has been watched over 17k times since then. Not too shabby for a first conference!

We hope to be breaking these firsts this year and with your help, it's pretty certain we can.

If you have any questions, you can either write them down below or use our Discord.

We'll be making more announcements about the conference, the participants and content in later posts.

We are looking forward to your talk proposals!!

If you'd like to stay in-tune with conference and other Quasar news, please follow our channels.

Follow the tag #quasarconf on Twitter

Top comments (7)

kissu profile image
Konstantin BIFERT

I'm not using Quasar myself but the fact that the conference is accepting Vue.js talks too is really nice, thanks for not limiting it. Will probably submit a talk. πŸ’š

smolinari profile image
Scott Molinari

Awesome. Looking forward to your talk proposal!


ldiebold profile image

That would be great!

adarshmadrecha profile image
Adarsh Madrecha

Looking forward to this.

invyspirit profile image

Yay! Rooting for quasar for 4 years now. I still can’t get why this is not the number 1 vue components library

smolinari profile image
Scott Molinari

Um, maybe because it is a full blown framework and not just a Vue component library? Hihihi... but yeah, I get what you mean. I think Quasar is like a rare and expensive jewel, and when people find it, they want to keep it for themselves. At least that is my lame attempt at understanding why Quasar isn't much more openly popular.


1377sayaba profile image

I'm eager and excited