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Ways to use GitHub with Quickwork

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GitHub with Quickwork

You can easily connect GitHub with other applications using Quickwork and perform actions like-

  1. Get Commits: Retrieve commits of the repositories via GitHub

  2. Update issue: Update an existing issue via GitHub

  3. Get repositories: Retrieve a list of the repositories via GitHub

  4. Create issue: Create a new issue via GitHub

  5. Get issue: Retrieve the details of an issue via GitHub

Github can be easily connected to Quickwork using this video tutorial-
How To: Connect Github With Quickwork Journey Builder

Use Case: Add new GitHub issues to Jira as new issues

For every new GitHub issue, it is possible to create new issues on Jira. You can easily automate this process using our video tutorial or our pre-built workflow.
Add new GitHub issues to Jira as new issues

Link to our pre-built journey (Ready to use) -

Quickwork is a no-code, API-based, enterprise grade, SaaS platform with 1,000s of pre-integrated apps to automate various business and consumer workflows.

With 1,000s of pre-integrated business and consumer apps, Quickwork opens unlimited possibilities of creating automated workflows or user journeys by connecting any two or more apps quickly. The real-time, messaging friendly, API based architecture of Quickwork makes it easily compatible with legacy systems, specialist apps, chatbots and IoT devices. Individuals and enterprises are building 100s of user journeys daily with the ease of use which comes with ‘no code’ across diverse industry verticals like fintech, agritech, pharma tech, edtech, legaltech, regtech and others. With active users in 90+ countries conducting millions of transactions, Quickwork is becoming a platform of choice for integration and automation.

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