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Quirrel Newsletter #3 - Incident Dashboards, Cron RFC

Welcome to the third episode of the Quirrel Newsletter.

This one is a quick one, I just want to let you know about a new feature: The incident dashboard.

"incident" is what Quirrel calls an error in your application code.
Until now, Quirrel didn't do anything when it encountered one - not exactly optimal, eh?
Fear no longer! Quirrel will now send you an e-mail whenever one of your job handlers fails:

Incident E-Mails

You'll then be able to see the incident's full job payload in the incident dashboard:

Incident Dashboard

Since Quirrel jobs are end-to-end-encrypted, the dashboard also allows you to decrypt your job's payloads on the client-side :)

Quirrel users with on-premise hosted instances can specify how they want to receive incidents using the INCIDENT_RECEIVER_ENDPOINT environment variable.

But the incident dashboard is not the only thing that's changed.
I'm currently preparing a big improvement to Cron jobs and published an RFC:

If you've got a spare minute (and you most certainly have, if you're reading this), I'd love to get some feedback on that.

Alright, that's it for this episode - a quick one, as promised!

Thanks to all the nice people who helped bring these changes into existence, especially Max! Really appreciate your support :D


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