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DO Hackathon: Blokii Image Maker - An Introduction

The Project - Blokii Image Maker

The Blokii Image Maker is a simple image generator for tech blogs. It overlays common framework icons on an image provided by the user and allows basic filtering and titles to be applied.

Tech Stack

The tech stack chosen for this project is Quasar and FeathersJS. The (simple) application could have been built on just Quasar alone if it wasn't for the Unsplash API that requires a backend proxy to secure API auth tokens.

As I've been working with FeatherJS quite a bit, I decided to use FeathersJS for the backend to create a simple api that could proxy my Unsplash API requests.

The Quasar Framework is used as the frontend framework. In this series of posts, I'll write about how the project was developed.

Let's get hacking.

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